Sunday, October 09, 2005

Double Boiled White Fungus Soup

On the fourth week, the chosen theme was Almond. I wanted very much to bake some Almond Cookies but realized that I had yet to recover from the trauma of my failed Chocolate Chips Cookies project. *lol* Searched high and low for Almond Jelly recipe but couldn't find one that I was satisfied with. Finally, I opted for this Double Boiled White Fungus Soup. I liked this soup so much in the past that I used to boil it about twice everyweek for my family. Now I only boil it occasionally.

The Ingredients:

Double Boiled White Fungus Soup

2 servings

25g white fungus
25g north & south almonds combined
20pcs of red dates (seeds discarded)
rock sugar to taste
2 bowls of water (I used 500ml or water)


Soak the white fungus for half an hour or until it is soft and then trim off the thick, yellowish base.

Add north & south almonds, red dates, fungus and water into a double boiler. Double boil for 2 hours over medium heat.

Add rock sugar to taste. (Usually I’ll cook for 1 and ½ hour, then add rock sugar and leave it to cook for another ½ hour so that the rock sugar will dissolve.)

Medicinal uses: This soup is beneficial to the complexion and a tonic for the lungs. I read somewhere that regular consumption of this soup (minus the north & south almonds) is very good for your complexion.

Note: Never buy those white fungus that is pure white coz it could have been bleached with chemicals.


  • At Sunday, 09 October, 2005, Blogger David said…

    it sounds good - but FUNGUS? is that what we call mushrooms?

    I like your blog I will show it to my daughter -
    mineis just a place for wild thouoghts and imaginations.

  • At Monday, 10 October, 2005, Blogger Tazz said…

    I am not sure whether it is classified under mushrooms. Anyway, I have included the pic of the ingredients for your convenience. I think you can get dried fungus from Asian food stores or Chinese grocery at Chinatown.



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