Sunday, October 09, 2005

Macau Pudding

Saw the same Macau Pudding recipe in Hong Kong forums and blogs. Seems that it is very popular there. Some said that it tastes like the original dessert found in Macau. I have never tasted the one in Macau, so it is impossible for me to comment. I think it tastes like Vanilla Ice Cream. The recipe here is not a direct translation of the original recipe. It is a description of my method.

Macau Pudding

200g Marie Biscuits
2 tbsp cocoa powder
500ml whipping cream (I used President brand)
100g condensed milk
1/4 tsp vanilla seeds
1 tbsp vanilla sugar


Use a blender to blend the Marie Biscuits until fine. Mix 100g fine biscuits crumb with cocoa powder. Set the other half aside.

Whip the whipping cream until soft, add in condensed milk, vanilla seeds and vanilla sugar, continue to beat till about 80% stiff. Transfer the mixture to a bag.

Spread the fine biscuits crumb onto the base of the cake pan, squeeze some whipped cream mixture on it. Spread another layer of fine biscuits crumb mixed with cocoa powder. Squeeze some whipped cream mixture again. Continue with the steps until the whipped cream mixture is used up. The last layer on top must be the fine biscuits crumb mixed with cocoa powder.

Put in the freezer to set.

Note: I made about one third of the above recipe. Substituted vanilla seeds with vanilla essence (1 drop only coz don’t like the taste of vanilla to be too strong). I substituted vanilla sugar with castor sugar. I didn’t use up the entire biscuits crumb. My layer of the fine biscuits crumb wasn’t very thick.

In my opinion, this recipe is best made into small individual cups.