Sunday, April 23, 2006

Joy of Making Cookies

Went to Kinokuniya at Bugis last night and bought Joy of Making Cookies by Alex Goh. I had wanted to buy the same book somewhere before Chinese New Year, but there was blemishes on the cover page of the last copy available, so I did not buy it. When I saw this book, again the last copy there in English and Chinese, I was overjoyed.

Hmm... hope this book will be more useful to me, compared to the Fantastic Cheesecakes by the same author. There are many reasons for underutilizing that book:

1. My inability to resize some of the cakes from a 23cm square pan to a common 20cm or smaller round pans.

2. The large quantity of cream cheese calls for in some of the recipes which makes me shudder.

3. The egg calls for in the chilled cakes recipes which is unsafe in view of the rampant bird flu.

4. Unstated number of tarts the recipes yield which makes it hard to gauge the portion of each tart, so that I have neither balance of tart shells nor filling. (see Tazz is extremely fussy over such minor details? *hehe*)

5. still thinking.....

Tazz will think of ways to cross the hurdles. Enough said! This is the photo of Joy of Making Cookies by Alex Goh:

Interesting quote behind the book:

Who can resist the temptation of delicious cookies?

Light, crispy, flaky - the feeling is unforgettable. Baking cookies is a kind of double enjoyment.

Baking gives a warm feeling as the room is filled with the fragrance of cookies. Eating gives a carefree feeling as every taste bud is flooded with the perfect taste - especially when served with a cup of hot tea.

Alex shares with us the secrets of making cookies in this book, Joy of Making Cookies. Inspired by Alex, readers can create unique cookies of your personal style using your own imagination.


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