Saturday, March 25, 2006

Kyoto Spare Ribs

This Kyoto Spare Ribs (Jing Du Spare Ribs) recipe is from Jingle's Kitchen. When I first saw the photo of this dish, I was instantly attracted to it. I wanted to cook it at that time but was put off by the numerous types of ingredients used in the recipe, especially the various types of sauces, because I already had so many bottles of sauces in my fridge. Finally I managed to clear some and when I bought the HP sauce and plum sauce specially for this dish, I felt less guilty.

Before I cooked this, I was worried that the spare ribs might be tough, I remembered Jingle told me that the ginger juice would tenderise the spare ribs but I was a little sceptical, so I marinated the spare ribs for two hours instead of the one hour stated in the recipe. Wow! the end result was ichiban neh! The meat tasted juicy and tender and I could see the satisfying smile on the faces of my three gluttons. *lol*

Kyoto Spare Ribs
京都排骨 (Jing Du Spare Ribs)

500g of pork ribs (small pork ribs)

1/2 tbsp of light soya sauce
1/2 tbsp of ginger juice
1/4 tsp 5-spice powder
1/2 egg
1-1/2 tbsp of cornflour
1-1/2 tbsp of custard powder

2-1/2 tbsp of water
1 tbsp of tomato sauce
1 tbsp of A1 sauce or HP sauce
1/2 tbsp of oyster sauce
1/2 tbsp of chilli sauce
1/2 tbsp of sugar
1/2 tbsp of plum sauce
1/2 tsp of sesame oil
3/4 tsp of cornflour

3/4 tsp chinese wine

Chinese lettuce


Cut the pork ribs into about 1-1/2 inches long each. Do not overwash as it will affect the absorption of marinade. *

Marinate the pork ribs for 1 hour. **

Mix the gravy ingredients in a bowl and set aside.

Heat 2 bowls of oil, when you see tiny bubbles in the oil, put the marinated pork ribs and fry at high heat and reduce to medium heat until ribs are cooked (Use a wooden chopstick to poke the meat, if it is soft, the ribs are cooked). Dish and set aside.

Leave about 1 tbsp of oil in the wok, put 1/4 tbsp Chinese wine, then pour in the gravy to cook till it bubbles, put in the fried pork ribs and stir to coat well. Once the ribs are shiny, turn off the heat.

Dish the pork ribs and place on top of the lettuce, on the plate. Garnish with parsley.

Tazz's Note: * I dabbed the pork ribs with paper towel after washing. ** I marinated for 2 hours.


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