Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fried Dry Mee Siam

I have always wanted to cook Fried Dry Mee Siam. Finally found this recipe shared by Jingle26 in Nurkochen. Very easy to cook. I used Woh Hup Instant Mee Siam Paste. I did minor adjustment to the ingredients for the portion that I was cooking, and followed the exact method in her recipe.

Fried Dry Mee Siam

Serves 4

1/2 a bottle of Woh Hup instant Mee Siam Paste

50g chives
2 pcs taukwa, cut into cubes (I used normal type instead of the brownish kind stated in her recipe)
375ml of water (mixed with asam paste* and chilli powder*)
1-1/2 tbsp of asam paste*
10ml chilli powder* (my additional ingredient)
1-1/2 tbsp of sugar
some cooking oil

abt 150g bean sprouts
250g Vermicelli (Beehoon)

2 small limes, cut into halves
2 hard boiled eggs


Preparation for Beehoon: soak in tap water for 1 minute then drain dry. Do not soak the beehoon for too long because water will be absorbed into the beehoon.

Heat oil, fry bean sprouts for 1 minute, set aside.

Heat oil, lower the heat, put the mee siam paste and fry for a while.

Add 375ml of water, sugar, add beehoon to cook in the wok, let beehoon absorb most of the mee siam paste.

Add bean sprouts, taukwa and chives.

While frying if beehoon is too stiff, try using chopsticks to go along, add oil if necessary.

Once the beehoon smell a bit fragrant, try to see if the beehoon is soft.

Serve with eggs and limes.

Note: Prawns are optional ingredient in her recipe, which I had omitted.


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