Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ngoh Hiang for Chinese New Year

I learnt to make Ngoh Hiang last year. That recipe was an adaptation from both the one in KC and my mum's. For this Chinese New Year, I made Ngoh Hiang using my mum's recipe. The only extra ingredient that I had added was the shredded carrot.

Ngoh Hiang

Yields 12 Ngoh Hiang

Ingredients for the filling:
500g minced pork
500g prawns (shelled, deveined and diced, only 250g left!)
10 water chestnut, diced
2 chopped big onion
3/4 bowl of shredded carrot
1 egg (beaten)
corn flour

1 tbsp light soya sauce (not too much, because bean sheet is salty)
2 tbsp five spice powder
Bean sheet (clean both sides several times with a clean damp towel)


Put pork, prawns, water chestnut, big onion, carrot in a mixing bowl.

Add seasoning and mix well.Add the beaten egg and corn flour. Mix well.

Wrap the fillings in the beancurd sheets; compress the fillings to make it tight.

Deep fry in moderate fire till the Ngoh Hiang is golden brown.Serve with Chilli.


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