Sunday, June 18, 2006

Chilled Yakult Yogurt Cake

Gene and Ni told me to make something, on behalf of them, for Father's Day. While I was searching for a cake recipe, the two kept bugging me for chilled desserts. Hmm... I wondered whether they were really sincere about wanting to give their Dad something nice or just an excuse to savour in their favourite chilled desserts. Afterall, I didn't hear a single murmur of their Dad's favourite, but all the repeated reminders of "I like chilled cakes!" or "We like chilled desserts!!" from the two gluttons. See how naughty they are?! Haha..they take after Tazz for this instance. Tazz also doesn't take his preferences into consideration when comes to desserts. *lol* Poor hubby and miserable Dad! Happy Father's Day!

This Chilled Yakult Yogurt Cake is an adaptation from the same Chilled Orange Yogurt Cake that I made in the beginning of this year. Original recipe is from Leisure Cat.

Chilled Yakult Yogurt Cake
(7" cake pan)

Ingredients for the base:
crumbs from 7 pieces of disgestive biscuits
40g melted butter

Ingredients for the filling:
100g sugarless natural yogurt
150ml yakult (I used apple flavour)
1 tbsp lemon juice
150ml non-diary whipping cream
1 tbsp gelatin
3 tbsp sugar
150ml water
Grated lemon zest

Jello Topping:
1/3 pkt Jello
120ml hot water
1/2 tsp gelatin


Mix the digestive biscuits crumbs with melted butter, and press firmly to the base of the cake pan. Chill for later use.

Dissolve gelatin and sugar with water. Set aside to cool.

Beat yogurt, yakult and lemon juice until well blended. Add cooled gelatin solution and mix well.

Whip the non-diary whipping cream till mousse state.

Add the yogurt mixture to the whipped cream and mix well.

Pour the combined mixture onto the cake base.

Sprinkle the lemon zest on the surface of the cake.

Chill in the fridge to set.

Boil all Jello topping ingredients using very low heat until dissolved. (Not supposed to bring to boil.)

When the cake is set, spoon the cooled Jello solution on the cake and refrigerate again.


Yakult is a fermented milk drink made by fermenting skim milk powder and sugar with the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain. This bacterium helps to replenish the good bacteria in the small intestine, ensuring that our digestive system works efficiently and effectively.

More information on Yakult can be found here.

Looks like I am advertising for Yakult. *lol* Well, well, just extra information for those who have no idea of what Yakult is.


  • At Sunday, 18 June, 2006, Blogger Ellena Mummy said…

    Wow.. Tazz... that's very interesting.. i don't know Yakult also can make cake.. i had alot of Yakult at home.. guess i can try this out.. Thanks for sharing... :)

  • At Monday, 19 June, 2006, Blogger Tazz said…

    There is another Yakult cake recipe at Leisure Cat, but quite a handful of the forummers failed in their attempts. Maybe I will try to modify the recipe next time. :P

  • At Monday, 19 June, 2006, Blogger Ellena Mummy said…

    Tazz.. other than Apple fav can we used other fav instead..... ? Thanks

  • At Monday, 19 June, 2006, Blogger Tazz said…

    Ellena, yes, you can use any flavour. I wanted my cake to have the sweet and sour taste, so I thought Apple would be a better choice. The Lime Jello topping was also chosen for the same reason.

  • At Monday, 19 June, 2006, Blogger BoZo said…

    Hi Eve, your Yakult cake is very unique indeed! Great Idea!

  • At Tuesday, 20 June, 2006, Blogger Little Corner of Mine said…

    What a pretty cake!

  • At Tuesday, 20 June, 2006, Blogger Angie said…

    Another pretty chilled cake from Eve!

  • At Tuesday, 20 June, 2006, Blogger Tazz said…

    Thanks Sharon, Ching and Angie for your compliments. Tazz can only make easy stuff like chilled cake. *lol*

  • At Wednesday, 21 June, 2006, Blogger Puspha said…

    This is a beauty!!! Err... but wat is yakult?

  • At Wednesday, 21 June, 2006, Blogger Ellena Mummy said…

    Hi Tazz... try making this cake's had a very fragrant aroma and it taste great... but mine was not as smooth as you... maybe becos i used thicken cream instead of whipped cream... cos i got some thicken cream left over from cheesecake and don't want to waste it.... then i also used Apple Flavour Konnyaku Jelly for the top... cos i tot apple favour should be great for the filling... Overall.. my mum, aunty and ds loves the cake very much.. but my hubby lolz....Thanks for sharing this great recipe... Keep more coming ok...

  • At Wednesday, 21 June, 2006, Blogger Tazz said…

    Pus, you can find information for Yakult here:

    Ellena, you are more adventurous than Tazz when trying new ingredients on recipes. Glad that your cake turned out well.

  • At Wednesday, 21 June, 2006, Blogger Ellena Mummy said…

    No la.. Tazz.. is becos you inspired me on the Apple Fav then i happen to see the apple fav jelly so i bought it loh...lolz

  • At Saturday, 24 June, 2006, Anonymous MyMuzingz said…

    hi Tazz, what a unique cake.
    makes me wanna try my hand at making it.

    can i check w you? do i remove the cake finally from the cake tin? did u use springform cake tin, or the normal kind? if the latter, how do u remove it? THANKS!

  • At Saturday, 24 June, 2006, Blogger Tazz said…

    Hi MyMuzinz, welcome to my humble blog.

    For the above recipe, I used a springform pan. In the HK forums, they usually make with cake rings.

    You will have difficulty removing the cake if you use a normal pan, BUT, you can still do it with a small cake by lining the normal pan with cling wrap (may need to do it vertically & horizontally) with its 4 ends draping out. When the cake is set, just heave-o and you can lift it off. eg.

    For tall cake, the said method will yield ugly looking cake. I knew it because I just did it in May when I was too distracted to do the preparation work. :(

    HTH! :)

  • At Thursday, 03 January, 2008, Blogger Shamili said…

    Hi there Taz,

    That is such a beautiful cake.. im going to attempt it really soon. Btw i have a question bout the final layer(jello)... once the jello has been prepared... must it be straight away scooped on top of the cake? wouldnt this melt the yoghurt as the jello is still a little warm and if we do leave the jello to cool, it would already harden thus making it difficult to get the round shape of the tin.

    Hope you can shed some light on this matter as im a little fuzzy on this.

    Thanks... and your recipes are really interesting...thumbs up to you!!! :D

  • At Saturday, 05 January, 2008, Blogger Tazz said…

    Hello Shamili,

    Thanks for visiting.

    Abt the Jello, after preparing, keep stirring until it has cooled, then spoon it onto the cake that has set.



  • At Thursday, 28 May, 2009, Blogger Blessed Homemaker said…

    I made this and made the same old mistake I've been making in my previous attempts on jelly layer ie the fillings is not fully set, thus they float all over the jelly layer. Look ugly but taste yummy! Thanks for sharing.

    My kids have not tried but I'm sure they will like it.

  • At Wednesday, 10 June, 2009, Anonymous FEMA said…

    Hey Tazz,
    how long do we need to put the cake in the fridge for it to become firm ? [ for the filling]

  • At Wednesday, 10 June, 2009, Blogger Tazz said…

    Hello Blessed Homemaker & FEMa,

    Thanks for visiting.

    I have not tried this recipe for a long time and can't really remember. Normally when I make any cake with Jelly topping, I will be patient to wait at least half a day or leave it in the freezer to speed up the setting before continuing the top part.



  • At Friday, 30 October, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tazz,

    Your cake look yummy. May check with you, can I use diary whipping cream istead of Non diary whipping cream to make this cake? If I am using diary whipping cream do i need to whip till mousse state also? I quite new in baking.

    Thank you in advance.

  • At Monday, 30 November, 2009, Blogger Lanny said…

    Hi Tazz,

    I tried yr recipe today but it turned out to be a disaster. I can't figure out what went wrong. When I added the mixture all together as instructed, end of it, turned out to be clumpy like a fermented cheese from its fluid. Alamak...!! HELP.... !!!!

  • At Wednesday, 23 December, 2009, Blogger Tazz said…

    Hi BabeIpoh & Lanny,

    I have not checked my mails for couple of months. So sorry but hope my answers will still help.

    BabeIpoh, it's okay to use diary whipping cream but you have to add about 1 to 2 tbsp of icing sugar (just an estimation) and whip till mousse stage.

    Lanny, I don't know what went wrong with your cake. *LOL* Anyway, I have been playing with this recipe with different ingredients and hv not encountered any problem.

  • At Wednesday, 24 July, 2013, Anonymous Karen said…

    Nice food combination! Cake with Yakult Milk. Its like a candy box cake good for dessert.

  • At Monday, 26 October, 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I made this cake with whipping cream and it was perfect! Garnished with blueberry sauce. Thank you for a great recipe!


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